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Cornell University 2012-2016

B.S. Landscape Architecture - Cum Laude 

Plant and Society Concentration 

Antioch University New England 2016-2018

M.S. Environmental Studies

Environmental Education Concentration

Academic/Course Work

Computer Design

Samples of computer based design projects in a variety of programs from undergraduate work

Sample Studio Board Set:

Fall 2015, done in collaboration with fellow student Garret Craig-Lucas, boards produced using Adobe InDesign, board components produced using various programs

Sample Technical Planting Plan:

Spring 2014, drafted in AutoCad-Page 1 of 3 Master Plant List not included

Sample Design Plan Rendering:

Fall 2015, line- work completed in Rhino3D, modified in Adobe Illustrator, rendered in Adobe Photoshop

Sample Construction Details:

Spring 2015, produced in AutoCad

Logo Design:

Spring 2018, design for container gardening initiative, produced using Adobe Illustrator 

Writing Samples

Samples of writing projects from graduate work

Draft Grant Proposal: 

Fall 2016, not submitted- but follows format provided by would be potential sources of funding

Example  Evaluation Portfolio:

 Fall 2017, using local botanical garden as case study. Produced using Adobe InDesign

Sample Program Plan: 

Spring 2018, 1st grade school program in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards

Sample Program Plan: 

Spring 2018, week-long nature camp for ages 5-10. 


Physical models and displays from both undergraduate and graduate work

Sample Abstract Model:

model of colored concrete, wood, and string. Shows contrast between boggy ground and human infrastructure. Used to create photo renderings in Adobe Photoshop

Sample "Model":

physical representation of the different aspects and influences of my environmental education philosophy, made out of recycled materials

Other Projects

Various other project samples from undergraduate and graduate work

Sample Exhibit Design Poster:

Spring 2017, sensory garden exhibit guided by conservation psychology principles

Sustainable Community Solutions Video:

Fall 2017, stop-still animation using photos and Adobe Photoshop, and iMovie

Sample Hand Drafting and Rendering: 

Spring 2013, "How Crutches Work" panel 1 of 3 

Fall 2014, Colored Pencil Landscape Master Plan

Sample GIS Mapping:

Spring 2014, map of historical weather events in upstate New York. Initial work completed in GIS, modified in Adobe Illustrator

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